Roofing that Protects Your Home: Roof Installation Services


The Arizona sun can be unforgiving. If you don’t take care of your roof, it will inevitably begin to deteriorate. If leaks happen, your home interior can be exposed to all sorts of problems. To avoid this possibility, get affordable and quality roof installation services in Arizona by Integrity Roofing.

Our roofing package is all you need for a magnificent and durable roof. We have served the Phoenix community with quality roof solutions since 1993. Therefore, we know just how to handle the job at hand!

Our roofing professionals ensure that your home’s shingles and flashings are in good condition. 

You have built your home. The walls are spectacular, and so is the interior. The next step is to hire a professional roof installer. There are many roof installation companies in Arizona, but Integrity Roofing is unmatched. We offer a variety of services and products for roofs that you will love.

We provide metal roof installation services to protect your new home or business from various weather elements. We also install asphalt shingles on flat roofs, which can withstand extreme weather changes. These roofs are also resistant to fire and water damage

What Are the Different Types of Roof Installation Services We Offer?


There are different roof installation services. You can go with the one that is ideal for your home or business needs. Our experts are also willing to help you make this decision. Before hiring a roofing contractor, consider these factors:

  • The type and profile of shingles

  • Material availability

  • The ventilation system may be inadequate

  • Resistance to fire damage

  • Different warranties are available for you to choose from.

Integrity Roofing AZ offers comprehensive roof installation services to meet your needs. In addition, our products come with warranties, so you don’t have to worry about any problems for many years!

We install tile, shingles, foam, metal, and flat roofs. With our comprehensive package, you can get more than one type of roof installation.

We offer both clay and concrete options for tile roofs, and we also install metal tiles, which are known for their durability.

For flat roofs, you can choose from three material options: self-adhered buildup roofing, polyurethane foam, or liquid roof coatings. We use premium quality materials designed for extreme weather conditions.

For asphalt shingle roofs, we use durable materials. We have various styles, colors, and profiles. You can choose from three different types: 

  • three-tab

  • architectural or 

  • dimensional (laminated) shingles

  • high-end colors and profiles

Our goal is to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations. We can offer custom services on request if the material you want is not in stock. In addition, you can contact us to know if we have your preferred roofing material.

What Can You Expect from Our Arizona Professional Roofing Company?


First, we inspect your home or business and provide a free detailed proposal! After that, we will sign a contract with you. Then, our roof installers begin to work on your new roof.

We ensure no obstacles or property are at risk of damage during the roof installation process. It takes around five days to complete the job if it’s not a complex one. Large projects may take longer, especially in commercial roof installation.

The final step involves installing drip edges and ice/water shields around valleys and at the edges of your roof. We also install ridge vents and starter strips at the bottom of your roof; this allows air circulation between the shingles, preventing ice dam accumulation.

We make sure that there is no debris left behind after roof installation. Then, finally, we cleaned up the site to make it look like nothing happened!

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