Roof Replacements Services in Arizona

Integrity Roofing AZ is your go-to roof replacement company
We offer high-quality services for residential and commercial customers throughout Arizona. Our family-owned company has served the Phoenix metropolitan area since 1993. With the experience, you can rest assured that our services will not disappoint you.

We offer free roof inspections to determine the best options for your property based on its current state and your needs. We will work in tandem to choose the correct replacement for your roof. 

Whether it is a single-ply system or flat roofing materials, we will never compromise on quality. Our specialty lies in our ability to replace roofs of all types and colors based on your preferences. Therefore, there are no surprises during inspection time!


When to Consider Roof Replacements Services?

When is the right time to consider roof replacement? That is a common question for most homeowners. To help determine when is appropriate, consider the following:

  • Are shingles curling, cracked, or missing?
  • Do you see dark spots on the ceiling under your roof due to leakage?
  • Does it take hours for your attic to cool down during summer, even after shutting all doors and windows?

It is also essential to consider whether you need a total or partial roof replacement. The age of your roof and the amount of damage it has sustained will help determine this.

Apart from the roof condition, you should also know the type of material you want on your new roof. Do you care how it looks? How much of your roof’s aesthetics are you willing to part with for the roof replacement services?

Extend the Life of Your Roof and Save money

Roof replacement services can be a 
worthy investment in the long run. However, it is a one-time expense that will ensure many years of service. In addition, the project saves on expensive repairs and replacements down the road. 

Also, consider the costs of additional repairs and replacements. Energy loss over time due to poor insulation caused by old roofs or inferior materials is also a factor. Replacing your roof may help to boost energy efficiency in the long term.

The primary purpose of a new roof replacement is to extend the life of your property and provide high-quality roofing that lasts you for years to come.

How much Roof Replacements Services Cost?

Roof replacement costs depend 
on the amount of damage the roof has sustained. It also depends on the material you select for installation. Additionally, the size or shape of your property will impact the overall cost of roof replacement service in Arizona.

These factors make it challenging to provide an exact figure for the cost of your project. However, our specialists can give you a high-level estimate during the inspection consultation. Integrity Roofing provides exceptional roof replacement services in Arizona at affordable rates! Generally, the average cost of a roof replacement is about $6000 to $15000, depending on the factors mentioned.


Why Choose Our Roof Replacements Contractors?

There are many reasons why Integrity Roofing AZ stands out.

Experience & Expertise

We have years of experience in roof replacement services. Therefore, you can ensure that your project is in safe hands with our team’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrity Roofing AZ offers short and long-term warranties on all new roofs we install!

Customer-oriented Services

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We understand that there are many companies to choose from regarding roof replacement services in Arizona. That is why we strive for 100% satisfaction!

We are available to answer any questions you might have. Also, we offer free consultations to learn more about your specific needs and budget.

Accurate Estimates

We provide reliable and free estimates with roof photos and a detailed scope of work is available to each customer with no hidden fees. In addition, our detailed quote for your roof replacement project ensures that you are aware of all costs and conditions involved. 

Integrity Roofing is one of the most trusted roof replacement contractors in Arizona! Contact us for your Roof inspection needs and Get a FREE Quote today.


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