What is Roof Certification?

 As a homeowner, you want your roof to be in the best condition. However, knowing the right time for repair or replacement is not as easy as it may sound. It is essential to understand how your roof is performing and what signs indicate that it needs professional services. Integrity Roofing offers roof certification services.

A Roof certification gives an unbiased opinion of your roof’s current state from a licensed roofing contractor. We also include future recommendations based on professional expertise, thorough inspection, and objective analysis. The process involves a visual assessment to find out any damages to the roof. We also assess your house’s ventilation, insulation, and skylights. The roof certification inspection helps us determine the best roofing solution for your property.

Why Do You Need Roof Certification Services?

 A roof certification is a crucial part of an effective preventative maintenance program. It ensures that your residential or commercial property gets all the necessary attention it deserves. 

Integrity roof certification services in Arizona help you maintain your property and prevent problems in the long run. If you need repairs or replacement, we recommend the best time to avoid damages such as leaks or roof failure.

A Roof certification ensures that the materials are of good quality. When you want to sell your house, it is vital to get a roof certification. This way, you can support your quote with credible documents. In addition, you can show potential buyers that you have been maintaining your property. Having a roof certification done by Integrity Roofing Arizona will increase the value of your house.

Types of Roof Certification

Inspected Roof Certification

A roofing contractor inspects the roof before issuing the certificate. Once a proper and thorough inspection of your roof has been completed, you will receive a certificate. You can also search for independent professionals who are able to do the review outside the contractor-inspector relationship. 

Integrity Roofing offers both types of certifications. If you want to get the job done right, contact us, and we will be happy to help determine which inspection is suitable for you.


What to Expect from Integrity Roofing Certification

At Integrity Roofing, we do not just give you a simple inspection. We also include our recommendations for long-term roof care to ensure your home’s protection at all times.

Our roof certification includes the following details:

  • Any signs of damage that may need repairs or replacement. We also check the ventilation, roof coating, and skylights.

  • Any shingle damage, along with excessive wear and tear.

  • Full inspection of your house gutters.

  • Recommendations on the best roofing solution for your house.

  • The expected lifespan of your current shingles and any possible replacements in the future, depending on wear and tear. This inspection of your roof can help you prepare financially for the future.

  • Observe all common areas near vents, skylights, walls, dormers, valleys, and guards to determine possible damage or leaks.


How Much Does a Roof Certification Cost?

The cost of roof certification depends on the type you choose. The average price is around $200 to $500 for roof certifications. This cost does not include repairs or replacements, but it can help you save money in the long run because the roof inspectors can find existing damage before more problems occur.

At Integrity Roofing, we offer affordable roof certifications to help you keep up with your home’s maintenance. Our commitment is to help our customers have safe and leak-free roofs. We provide roof certification services in the Greater Phoenix area, including Apache Junction, Avondale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Sun Tan Valley, Cave Creek, and Chandler, AZ. Call us today for more information on our certifications or any other service!

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