Phoenix Roof Types

There are a ton of different roof types, and we do them ALL!  What sets us apart from some of the other roofing companies in Phoenix, is we also do metal roofs in addition to any other roof type. You can count on Integrity Roofing to install, repair, or replace virtually any material your roof system needs.


You can feel safe with Integrity Roofing!

Licensed, Bonded & Insured: ROOF REPLACEMENT, ROOF INSPECTIONS, REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE (Residential & Commercial) 2500+ Successful Projects: Our roofing professionals have more than 35 years experience, and have seen probably every roofing issue there is.

35+ Years With AZ Roofs!

With this much experience under our tool belts, we are confident in providing you with the best roof repair and maintenance services throughout Phoenix. Three decades of experience with the weather and temperature changes of Arizona have given us the knowledge to know how to protect your roof, your property, and your family from the elements.