The pitch of your roof is an important decision to make when composing the structure. A term you will hear a lot when working with a roofing contractor is, roof pitch. This term is used to refer to how steep a roof is. The two types of roof pitches are low slope and high slope. In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of having a high-sloped roof that has a slope of 3:12 or higher. These steep roofs can be built using asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, metal, and wood.

Learn how having a high-sloped roof can benefit you!

  1. No Unseen Debris: The steepness of the roof and power of gravity, naturally make it so there isn’t any unseen debris being left on the roof. Steep roofs require low maintenance because there isn’t any debris or animals being accumulated unlike flat roofs where anything and everything accumulates.
  2. No Roof Pools: Having a high-sloped roof, again, gravity is in your favor. After heavy rainfall, flat roofs are left with pools of water while steep roofs might be damp. Having a steep roof alleviates the stress of having to deal with excessive water damage.
  3. Attic Space: Most structures with a steep roof have more space in the attic. Whether you’re using the extra space for storage or a room, it’s nice to have!
  4. Curb Appeal: If you want your home to catch the eyes of everyone passing by, go for a high-sloped roof to make a statement. As an investment, having a steep roof is beneficial when potential buyers are looking to purchase your home.
  5. Ventilation: In Phoenix, having proper ventilation is a MUST to prevent heat buildup in the attic. Ventilation systems like ridge vents, and soffit vents can be added into sloped roofs to improve air circulation and reduce energy costs.

High-Sloped Roof Installers:

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