Monsoon season’s official start date is June 15th. You know what that means… heavy rainfall, wind, thunder and lightning! I think most of us Arizonians can agree this is the season we get the most excitement. Though it’s exciting, we know the unbearable humidity is to come along with the added moisture and high temperatures.

Each storm is never the same. Some mild and boring while others are intense and disastrous. Any strong storm can cause damage to your roof. A damaged roof can be a small leak to a total downpour. During strong winds, your roof is at risk. When there is a forceful gust of wind, there is opportunity for your roof to blow off or falling debris to cause damage.

How to prepare your roof for monsoon season:


If you have tall trees near your home, be sure to trim the branches reducing the chances of them falling onto your roof. Large and heavy branches falling can cause damage to your roof that could result in costly roof repairs.

Roof Inspection

Prior to monsoon season beginning, inspect your roof for any issues you can visually see. If you notice broken tiles, damaged gutters, or any other problems, call in the roofing specialists to repair or replace your roof. Having the issues resolved before the rain starts pouring in, will save you, your family, and your wallet!

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