For homeowners, there are various areas in and outside of the home we are responsible for keeping routinely maintained. Some of those are the air conditioning and heating system, pool, yard, and most importantly, your roof. Here in Arizona where the sun is intensely hot and the monsoons bring heavy rainfall and harsh winds, it is important to have a roof maintenance routine. Here’s why:

Weather Conditions

The walls around you and the roof over your head, protect you from the harsh outside elements. As your roof experiences the intense UV rays our Arizona sun has to offer, the roofing materials deteriorate over time. With a deteriorating roof, leaks are more suspectable to occur.

How can your roof withstand the outside the elements?

  1. Regular Inspections- Routine inspections allow you to make minor repairs before they become large costly repairs or even replacement.
  2. Wear and Tear- Wear and tear occur over time caused by harsh weather conditions that can be repaired if caught early on.
  3. Build Durability- When getting annual inspections done, you’re ensuring the durability of your roof and your & your family’s safety.

Preventing Sun Damage

Not many people consider this, but the sun’s ruthless UV rays cause the roofing materials to deteriorate and lose it’s durability. When you hire a professional and knowledgeable roofing contractor to handle the yearly inspections, preventative actions can be taken to protect your roof from the sun. The roofer can offer sealants, coatings, and other protective measures to keep your roofs durability and appearance in tact.

How can you protect your roof from harmful UV rays?

  1. Routine and Thorough Inspections- Routinely and THOROUGHLY inspecting the roof each year gives you signs of sun damage and the opportunity to address it.
  2. Prevention- Ask your roofing expert about sealing, coating, or taking other measures to prevent sun damage.
  3. Shield- By shielding the roof using tall trees for shade, you are reducing sun exposure to your roof.

Monsoon Season

If you live in the state of Arizona, you know our monsoon seasons bring in heavy rainfall, chaotic winds, lots and lots of dust, and even the occasional hail. Allow time to get ahead by addressing repairs during your inspection before you end up with missing tiles and leaks!

How can you prepare your roof for monsoon season?

  1. Prepare- Schedule maintenance before the storms roll in to ensure your roof can withstand the chaos.
  2. Complete Repairs- If the roofing specialists gives you options for repairs, take them seriously as these repairs will prevent extensive damage.
  3. Ensure Durability- Through preventative maintenance, you can feel secure knowing your roof is strong enough to withstand our monsoon storms.

On our Arizona homes, routine roof maintenance is just the beginning in ensuring the durability and structure. Maintenance isn’t just jumping on your roof to make sure the roof is still there… It’s also taking the steps in addressing those necessary repairs and other preventative maintenance tactics.

Before the storms start rolling in this monsoon season, make sure your roof is ready with an inspection done by Integrity Roofing. Don’t wait until you notice an problem with your roof… Call us today!